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So, I guess we should update our live journal. It's been crazy on the home front. We like to keep life busy & unexpected.
We had awesome Spring Breaks. Leah went with Chris to Chattanooga & they went to visit her Grandparents & to the aquarium. Chris bought Leah a seal & named him Chatterbox (because he's from Chattanooga, get it?)
I went to Charleston for Spring break with friends. I also went to the aquarium there, along with a plantation house, & the beach.
School is back in full swing. Classes & tests are keeping us very busy. We only have about 4 more weeks to go, but it feels like forever, but in another sense, not long enough.
Leah is finally reading my "shopaholic" books. Not really, she's reading Can You Keep a Secret? She likes it, I'm pretty sure. Soon she'll be addicted like me. I <3 Sophie Kinsella.
Ok, so I've decided that I only take showers when I see David. I've accused Leah of the same thing, but she won't admit to it. I just don't want to dirty & see him. It makes me feel icky & gross & like I smell or something. Ok, so really I don't smell, but my hair doesn't look very good.
Tomorrow we're going to StingStock, which is like student appreciation day or whatever. It's fun because we get free t-shirts & free food. Ludacris will be here tomorrow night giving a free concert (ok, so he's getting paid, but it's free to students), which I'm not going to bc I don't like him. But still, you have to admit that's a little bit cool.
Well, enough for now.
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Tests, tests, and more tests

We have been very busy lately, as usual. I had a test in history last week, and two tests this monday. The tests this Monday were, of course, in my hardest classes (organic chemistry and physics). The physics department uses the same test for each section, and apparently our very own Professor Holmes made up this last test. We suspected that he was a jerk before this test, but now our suspicions have been confirmed. Worst..test..ever. One guy was actually crying at the end of the test while his girlfriend consoled him. Bwahahaha!! Anyway, the average for the test is a 55, which is ridiculous since they don't even curve. Megan and I said that we would like to break into a physics department meeting, wearing masks and carrying water balloons and pies, and tell them what we think. Whenever anyone objected, we would throw pies and waterballoons at them. Sounds pretty good to me. Megan has yet another test tomorrow in her modeling in IE class (at least I think that's what it's called). She is now playing gin instead of studying, which is all my fault.

Today in physics, Megan and I worked on some more fabulous drawings. We had a substitute professor today who we like the call "the caveman." He has really shaggy hair and looks like he lives in a cave, working on physics problems all day, emerging only to teach physics classes. He also wears sandals and socks, which is unacceptable. We drew a picture of him and our pets, and we will post them as soon as we can.

Later in physics lab, Megan and I were busy pushing carts together and taking measurements and doing all kinds of math, when all of the sudden, I noticed this horrible smell. It smelled like rotten eggs and sewage. I looked and Megan with a disgusted face, and she didn't know what I was referring to. A few seconds later, she went "ewwww," and then she understood. Clearly, someone had farted. We narrowed it down to one of the people at the table in front of us. So then I decided to pull my shirt over my nose, like in elementary school. It reminded me of the good old days. Megan didn't think it was necessary, but I just couldn't take it. The thought of breathing in farts is too gross.

I have started working at The Slab again. It's nice to be able to make money again, but now I have become the official cone maker, because the former cone maker is leaving. Also, I am going to start opening on some Sundays, so she is giving me a key to the store! I feel so special!

We have been doing our workout routine every day now, and we decided to increase the number of repetitions of squats and crunches. We also added a new exercise for our calves. We are going to be lean and mean!! The pilates video claims that we will feel better after 10 days, so by Friday I should feel pretty good, or else. That is all for now. Good night.
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Well, lots and lots to update about (like usual). My Nene (my grandmother) has been really sick but she gets to finally come home from the hospital tomorrow (after 2 weeks). She had emergency galbladder surgery & it just lead into other things, but thankfully, she's feeling much much better!
This week, Leah & I have been very good. I started a diet on Monday & I'm eating lots of healthy things & the only sweet thing I've had since then was one small spoon full of Leah's ice cream today. Leah & I have started doing a Pilates video. It's hosted by a woman named Ana Caban who is an expert on pilates. She's much better than we are, but we have greatly improved. Ana is really crazy & says lots of stupid things on the video such as "Act as though you've scooped out your stomach with an ice cream scoop" and "Arf Arf" when doing The Seal. Our favorite line, however, is "Be thin, like spaghetti!" It's a great video & highly entertaining & I'd recommend it to everyone. We will soon be "thin like spaghetti". They said after 10 sessions, you will feel better. After 20 sessions you will notice that you look better and after 30 sessions others will notice that you look better. I wonder if you did 30 sessions in one day, if other people would really notice? ;-)
Not only have we done pilates, we've also drinken lots of water, we do 100 crunches a day, we do 50 squats, and we lift weights. We are going to be lean & beautiful. We're on the 6 week plan :-)
In the mist of all this fun & fantabulous working out, we are still under going lots of stress. Physics continues to be the biggest thorn in our side. It is just a pain in the butt to do all sorts of hw & lab & work all week, & really just not see much pay off from it. We have a test in there on Monday, which we dread.
Leah had a History test today, which hopefully went really well. Also, she had SUPER hard Organic Chemistry hw due today, which was awful & she had to spend a whole lot of time on.
Tests next week are as follows: Physics test for both of us on Monday. Organic Chemistry test for Leah on Monday (this is along with Physics, yikes!). Then I have a Modeling in IE test on Wednesday. It will be a great week, as I'm sure you can imagine.
Today Leah had to work at the Slab. They made her learn how to make waffle cones & she really burnt her arm & it really hurts.
David & I went to see his mom for a little bit today because it's her birthday. She made me a poncho & it turned out really pretty. It's so perfect for hanging around the dorm because it's like wearing a blanket. It's very very soft too.
Leah also has a very sore toe. She has an in-grown toe nail & it's really puffy & swollen. I told her to put cotton between her nail & her toe, but the in-grown part is just too short for her to do that just yet. She has been soaking her foot, so hopefully that will help it feel better. Earlier, she kind of touched her toe & gross stuff came out of it :( It's definitely infected. She has a doctors appt next Friday, but I hope she feels mucho better before then.
Tomorrow Leah is leaving me & going to the High. The High Museum of course, here in town. I'm very jealous because I know it will be very very fun. Chris is taking her & they're going to have a great & wonderful time together.
Sarah, Leah's favorite sister, made a birthday cake for her boyfriend Nick. It turned out very cute & Leah is planning on posting pictures of it later on. Leah helped her with it some, but I can definitely tell that cake decorating runs in their family.
Hope everyone has a great night. I'm eating strawberries & I'm about to do pilates!
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Well, I guess we have some catching up to do.
Let's start with February 14, otherwise known as Valentine's Day. We decided during our late night trip to Walmart a couple weeks ago that we wanted to give Valentine's to everyone on our hall. We got a list of everyone from Neera (our CA) & wrote out Valentine's Day cards like little kids! It was very fun! Leah had cute kitten & puppy cards & I had Care Bear cards. We bought sweet tart lollypops for everyone & then we were going to deliever them to everyone by sticking them under their doors. Unfortunatly, the lollypops were too fat to fit under the doors, so we had to go with Plan B. Plan B (which we made up pretty much on the spot) meant taping the cards & the lollypops to the doors of everyone on the hall. We did this around 2am on Sunday night. We tried to be quiet because 1) We didn't want to wake people up and 2) We were sorta embarrassed. O-well. Leah & I had a physics test on Valentine's Day night, so neither one of us got to celebrate Valentine's Day on the actual day.
My Valentine's Day happened on Thursday night. David & I went to Maggino's (a very yummy italian place next to Perimeter Mall). I got yummy yummy manicotti with chicken & spinach, which I've had before & it was to die for. David got the biggest piece of lasagna I've ever seen in my entire life. It was seriously 6 inches tall & at least that wide. It was insane. Also we got sorta cheese sticks (actually cheese squares) for an appetizer, which was way yummy, but made me too full to eat much of my dinner. Then David & I went to the drive-in movies to see Hitch which was really cute.
Leah & Chris had Valentine's Day on Friday night. Leah had a new pretty pink sweater and wore a black skirt & looked really cute. She & Chris went to the Melting Pot for fondue. They got a huge meal of cheese fondue, Filet Mignon (Leah hates that word), Lobster, & some sort of mushroom which Leah was really looking forward to. Also, they got chocolate fondue for dessert. It sounds really good...but really a lot of food. Leah made AWESOME cakes for Chris for Valentine's Day. She cut sheet cake into hearts with cookie cutters, & then iced them in the colors of conversation hearts. Then she wrote various sayings in icing. They turned out really cute!
Sunday night, Leah & I watched our final "Anne" movie. This one was Anne, the Continuing Story. It was so so good & we are so so obsessed with Anne Shirely & Gilbert Blithe! Also, Leah is very obsessed with Baby Dominic (you'd have to see the movie to know who that is). I have to admit the baby is really really cute, but Leah is like in love with him ;-) J/k Leah. But really, she loves this baby & hopes her kids are as cute as him.
We've done physics hw already this week. Now we only have 4 problems left, which hopefully we can get help on. We are such good & studious girls. We study all the time. Except when we watch "Anne movies", make cakes, or watch MTV. Or clean, I guess. Oh yeah, tonight I cleaned my desk & closet. I even dusted. I feel much cleaner & much more organized now. It's a good feeling--I'll sleep better tonight. Leah has been working on Organic Chemistry hw tonight. It's really hard because they've never gone over any of it in class. It sounds awfully similar to Physics...
Also, Leah & I are addicted to MTV. We liked to watch Room Raiders, Sweet Sixteen, The Newlyweds, & the Ashley Simpson show. They are just so much fun & we love them. Except we always forget what channel MTV is on, so we always have to look it up on the preview channel, which is done by Ga Tech & takes a million years. Tonight, I wrote the channel down on a sticky note so we don't have to look it up anymore. Yay!
Hope everyone has a great night. More later.
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Busy, busy, busy!

This week has been pretty busy so far. Megan has two tests this week, and I have one. And of course, we both have hours of physics homework to do. Also, I had organic chemistry homework, which I just finished. Next week, I have a physics test on Monday and an organic chemistry test on Wednesday. Megan and I are not pleased about this physics test. We think it is proof that the physics department really does hate us--the test is from 6:30 to 8:00 PM--on Valentine's Day! Or maybe it's just that none of the physics professors have anything better to do, so they assume that none of us do either. Grrr. Oh well.

Right now Megan is studying her little heart out for her modeling and IE class because she has a test tomorrow. She has been studying for hours with not many breaks, so I bet she will be well-prepared. I hope she does well on her test.

Today in physics lab I was injured by this cart with a propeller attached to it. The propeller made the cart accelerate down the track, and when the cart moved down the track towards me, I had to catch it, and when I did, the propeller fell down onto my finger. It made me bleed! :( Well, at least the weather has been warming up lately (sorry, Gorbal).

That is all for now, I have lots of studying to do... so wish us luck on our busy, busy week.
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Wonderful Times

The recent past has been quite good for GORBAL, overlord of, well, just about everything. The cold, wet weather is soothing to my tentacles, and being able to see the steaming breath of my victims as I disembowel them is so peachy. I've redecorated my cave, replacing the old festooned-with-guts look with a new festooned-with-entrails motif. I spent all of yesterday relaxing on my throne, drinking fresh virgin's blood, and arranging my skull collection.

Good, good times.
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Bad Times

"Hard times have fallen upon us." - Leah Anne Clark
We have had a traumatic week. And by traumatic, I mean we've been studying our butts off. We both had physics tests on Monday & they were awful. I had a linear & discrete math test on Tuesday, & it was awful too. Leah has a history test tomorrow...and guess's awful. And not only that. We had physics hw due this week too, which we worked on For-Ev-Er! Last night alone, we worked on 3 problems for about 3 and a half hours with the help of Leah's awesome boyfriend Chris, the Physics wiz! But unfortunately, we had already worked on it at least that long to do the other 12 problems :(
Oh we forgot to tell you. Last week, Leah took a late night shower in her private bathroom (ie the handicap one). She had just finished shaving and her leg itched and she looked down and guess what she saw....a ROACH. It was crawling UP HER LEG! OMG! She then screamed in the shower (mind you this is 1 or 2 in the morning). Then she comes back, & I was sleeping, & she woke me up & told me that a roach was crawling up her leg in the shower. It was crazy, so I went back to sleep. The next day, I asked her about it, because I thought that maybe the whole story was a dream, but alas, it was true. Leah showers with roaches.
Leah almost tripped in Physics today. This would have been the 2nd physics trip. Those stairs in Howey are dangerous!! I always feel like tripping when I go down them.
Ok, so I have a secret confession. Last night at 12 in the morning, Leah & I decided to go to Walmart. We drove all the way to the new Super Walmart in Woodstock, because I was worried about us going to the one on 41 which is quite a bit closer to school. But at any rate, we went to the Super Walmart. We bought boxed Valentine's Day cards (very cute) which we are going to give to every one on our hall! It will be so cute! ;-) Also, we bought earings & Leah bought contact solution & I bought Red Hots. Now, I am very addicted to Red Hots. I've been eating them all last night & all day today. When I'm not eating them, I'm craving them. And although they are not high in calories, they don't lack in sugar, & I definitely don't need to be eating them by the handfull. O-well. Anyways, after Walmart, I drove Leah down Canton Rd, part of 92, Shallowford, & Sandy Plains Rd. She got to see all sorts of things, especially Sprayberry, which she loved. I showed her where my church is & everything. Then we drove by my house, but unfortunately we couldn't go in because it was almost 2 am and my parents would be really mad. So finally, we drove back to school, walked all the way back to the dorm (which was a tad scary, but thankfully there wasn't really anybody around). We arrived safe and sound before 2:30. Then we went to bed by 3am. This is why I'm really tired today.
Oh yes, I forgot to tell you what started the whole trip to Walmart. Ok, so Leah was invited to go to the Cheesecake Factory with Chris and his parents tonight. Last night around 11, Leah was giving me a fashion show trying to decide what to wear. We decided that we needed to go shopping, but unfortunately, Lenox just isn't open at 11:30pm. We did decide on an outfit for Leah & we even enhanced it by adding jewelry, but we just didn't lose the shopping bug. This is why we decided to go to Walmart. But anyways, Leah went to Cheesecake Factory today & had a wonderful time. She ate a pasta dish with shrimp and also got to try some yummy cheesecake which she shared with Chris.
Ok, I've rambled enough. Have a nice night.
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Leah and Megan and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Today has been a very bad day indeed. First of all, Megan had to get up at 8am to shower before her 10am class. Getting up early sucks and feels like death. Just ask Megan. I woke up at some point this morning and had a really hard time going back to sleep, so I was pretty tired when I woke up. Today I got back my organic chem test, which was very, very bad. I was expecting to do a lot better, but the graders were particularly harsh. I am used to more lenient grading.

Megan has a bad day on every Monday because she has class from 10am to 6pm, and today was even worse because she felt sick all day. Also, we had our physics test today, which was from 6-8:30 pm, so that made her day even worse. Megan and I were both feeling relatively confident about the physics test before taking it, but afterwards, we discovered that we had both missed at least two questions worth 10 pts each. So the best that either of us can make is an 80, which is kind of scary. This really upsets me because I did a lot of studying for that test this weekend.

Right now Megan is studying for her math test tomorrow, which really sucks because she just got finished with her long day and the physics fiasco, and now she has to start all over again. Earlier we were admiring the "Starry, Starry Night" picture on my Van Gogh calendar, and Megan started singing this song called "Vincent." I looked it up on the internet and found out that it is by Don McLean. I told Megan that my mom was a fan of his, so she made me call her and ask her if she knew the song "Vincent." Sure enough she did, and she proceeded to sing the song for me on the phone. That was the highlight of our evening.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, and Megan will do well on her math test.
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We're back!!!

We are sorry that we haven't been posting much lately, but we have been very busy. But now that we are adjusting to our new schedules, we will start posting more often. I am also pleased to announce that we will be posting new pictures very shortly. One of them is a cute little sock monkey named Chloe, which Chris gave me for Christmas. Another picture is of the coffee maker that we wrote about earlier this semester. Furthermore, we will post a picture Dr. Dre-themed cake that I made at Chris's request. And finally, there shall be a work of art made by Megan and me. We made it during the first few minutes of physics class. For the first week of class, we had this substitute guy named Professor Schatz, and he wore really interesting sweaters every day. One day, his sweater was just too much, and I had to capture the moment to share with everyone. So Megan and I drew a picture of Professor Schatz and his fabulous sweater.

I am trying to find a new job at the moment because at Marble Slab, the business is really slow, and only one person can work at a time. This means that one person has to close alone, and the manager won't allow any girls to close alone. So I need money and this job at the slab just isn't going to cut it. I need money, and I need it now! I can't have my car up here until I have money. So today I applied at one of those coffee stands that are all over campus. I hope that works out.

Megan has started knitting again, and she appears to be close to finishing her scarf. It looks very pretty, and I wish I had her knitting skills. That is all for now! bye bye!
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